Sunday, November 17, 2013

Neti-Neti Meditation

I am starting a new venture, offering meditation instruction to wellness and integrative therapies programs and professionals in the NJ, NY, PA, and DE areas. The program is called Neti-Neti Meditation, named after the Vedic and Buddhist meditation technique of negating everything that is not us by realizing it is Neti-Neti (Sanskrit for "Not this, not that"). In contemplative practice, this is called apophasis or via negativa, named so because the approach reveals our true nature by eliminating all of the things that we aren't. 

This meditation can be enormously helpful in a secular capacity, too. By recognizing that they are not their bodies, thoughts, or emotions, people suffering from physical (and even emotional/psychological) pain can gain more freedom and decrease their suffering. This can be especially helpful for people who suffer from chronic pain, like patients undergoing painful surgery, rehabilitation, or treatments. For the less that they identify themselves as the 'owner' or 'experiencer,' the more they will realize that they are not the pain, nor is it 'theirs'--they are the Awareness in which all experiences arise and subside.

That means freedom.

That's who this project is designed to help.

I am very excited and just finished the website:

To accompany the site and the service, I wrote a brief handbook of sorts, which walks readers through the Neti-Neti process, step-by-step. The book, like the website and the process itself, is called Neti-Neti Meditation: Transcendence Through Negation. It's available on Amazon as a Kindle ebook (click here) or in other epub formats (click here).

May this project help relieve as much suffering as possible.

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