Here are some links and podcasts that I enjoy and recommend:

Five Mountain Zen Order, with whom I am an ordained priest.

Original Mind Zen Sangha, located in Princeton, NJ, the sangha I lead as a Zen priest.

The College of Zen Buddhist Studies, the online seminary I attend.

Zen Mirror and Beyond Conceptual Thought, the blogs of my teacher, Rev. Paul Lynch.

Open Sky Sangha and Open Sky Meditation and Buddhist Studies Group, the sanghas of my Dharma brothers, Rev. Lawrence Do'an Grecco and Rev. Paul DoMyong Sireci.

Ordinary Mind Zendo in New York. This is Barry Magid's zen center. He is Dharma successor to Charlotte Joko Beck, and my teacher's teacher.

The Zen Center of Philadelphia. This is the local zendo I attend. 

Here is Stephen Batchelor's website. Batchelor was a Tibetan monk for six years and a Korean Zen monk for four. He is an excellent teacher, and one of the greatest influences on my thinking as a Buddhist. He has some awesome podcast links. Definitely check this out!

Check out the Toleldo Zen Center. Jay Rinsen Weik gives excellent Dharma talks.You can also find Drinking Gourd teishos on iTunes under "podcasts."

Upaya Zen Center has hundreds of great audios from teachers of various lineages.

San Francisco Zen Center is a great resource for Dharma talks as well. Some are better than others; see for yourself. You can also find them on iTunes. Click here for some sesshin lectures from Shunryu Suzuki Roshi--they're great, and free.

Zencast offers excellent lectures by Buddhist heavy weights like Joseph Goldstein, Jack Kornfield,  Gil Fronsdal, and many more.

And of course, please visit my live meditation sessions on Tuesday and Thursdays at 7:30 PM EST @