Monday, September 29, 2014

Bring Nothing to Practice - Dharma talks

The Things We Bring to Practice

Spiritual practice can often become an extension of our ego, in which we transfer all of those bad habits from our everyday lives into our spiritual ones. If we are impatient, then we have impatient practice that expects quick results. If we are angry or irritable, then perhaps our practice becomes a temporary salve for our tempers or an opportunity to get irate at others, maybe because they are less "sophisticated" than us. Either way, this can become a major pitfall in our practice. In this talk, Doshim explores ways to spot this tendency and stop it mid-sentence.

Introduction and sound engineering by Tom Inzan Gartland.


I Got Nothin'

This is the only honest thing a spiritual teacher can tell you--they have nothing to give you, no magic spells or chants that is going to transform them. But it is the simplicity of this statement, "I got nothin'" that can act as a spiritual catalyst for us to realize that we have nothing too! And this is good news. Because when we have nothing, we have nothing to lose. With nothing to lose, we don't need anything. That is freedom.

Introduction and sound engineering by Tom Inzan Gartland.

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