Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Alternative temple bells

If you're looking for a temple bell for your home altar, check this video out.

It's called a Hapi bell. Granted it's not a traditional bowl gong, but it's very versatile, acting as a six-note bell, gong, and singing bowl. You can even hang it upside down. Pretty cool. Sure it's a little pricey, but compared to temple bowls of the same size, it's pretty reasonably priced.

I stumbled on the Hapi site a couple weeks ago and ordered a drum (not this model) for myself. It's in the mail as we speak. I fell in love with their instruments and figured I'd share it with anyone interested.

And no, I don't own any stock in the Hapi company. Wish I did, though! I just appreciate their craftsmanship.

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